The Industrial Product

The industrial product differs from the handcrafted one because it is not a “unique piece” but is reproduced in series. The industrial product serves the mass: anyone who wants can have it. This has always fascinated me with mass-produced products: the possibility that it can be of service to everyone and that it improves the lives of the people who buy it. By improvement I mean both in terms of functionality and in terms of beauty.In fact, looking at and using a beautiful and functional object is something that gives a lot of satisfaction.

Long Time Table

Telescopic table in Beech wood with steel support bar. The closed table is made up of a single top modeled on the edges and measures 140×100. Open additions are shaped to maintain external modeling. An aluminum ribbon runs under the top. The open size is 200×100.

Coffee Table TAO series

Rationalism, harmony, golden section, essentiality, stone-glass-steel, a few assembled pieces, each object does what it has to do: well.
Tempered glass top, steel supports, heat-bent wood
Interlocking mounted tempered glass.

Coffee Tables FerVe

Essentiality. Still Iron and tempered glass. Square shapes. Movement.

Classic Collection

A new collection between classic and modern with a lot of technology.
Bands in satin-finished metal decorate bases and frames.
The wardrobe has sliding doors: the interiors are of a new conception: everything has its place.
The table has a telescopic opening with a steel structure and shaped elements.

Column Cover Perego

Full and empty, additions and deletions, repetitions, rhythm.
I see and I don’t see, light and dark.
A pillar in the living room, near the entrance door: how to make it a strong point of the furniture while being able to use very little space?

MyLady, Miss e Misses

Some references to the ’70s. A classic front line that takes a bit of speed and momentum in profile.
MiLady is the padded version.
Missesis the version in hot-bent wood with upholstered seat and back.
In the version without padding it is the Misses Naked.
Miss is the transparent polycarbonate version.
The seat is tilted 5 ° back for greater comfort.
The backrest padding has a more protruding area as a lumbar support.

Promo Chair

Armchair composed entirely of parts of a reorganized aftershave package. The packaging was used without waste. The philosophy of this project lies in the possibility of applying this concept to all packages on the market. The advantage of an armchair of this type is that it can be used in fairs, showrooms and events, optimizing the visibility of the brand and its colors and shapes.

Monstera chair

Inspired by a beautiful plant. Present in many furnishing accessories.
It is a stool with an important seat.

Designed for chatting with someone preparing a meal or with friends.
For its convenience it is also great for studying or working.
Colors and materials that a leaf cannot give.

Love Chair

Seat in transparent polycarbonate. The hind legs are formed by the wings that touch the ground. The front leg, on the other hand, is in varnished wood. The seat is reminiscent of a gold ingot in touch and color.
A throne for stars: Romantic! Exaggerated!
Perspective focus in the parties!
To celebrate and be celebrated.
Out of self-irony.
To shine with purity and love… laughing at yourself.

Armchair 1000 lines

A comfortable, enveloping armchair.
The layers of fabric or leather contain molded foam for perfect comfort. Between them the layers are sewn.
Two buttons secure the fabric in a pleasant fallback.
To work, to read, to rest.


Ceiling lamp with classic candlestick bearing.
Ceiling support with Swarovski shell, steel cables support two glass tubes with an empty section that contain the LED light covered with Swarovski cube.
A central cable supports a large teardrop Swarovski.


Floor and bedside lamp. Resin box that takes up the classic packaging box with open wings and adjustable according to the light you want in the room. Proposed in corten and chrome color but available for customization.


Led applique lamp in semi-transparent wood.
The name to highlight its accompanying function.
The light comes from above and below without ever crossing the human eye.
Suitable for both private apartments and public places. For indoor or outdoor locations.


The Tornado floor lamp is used to feel the sensation of an indomitable force of nature that releases light in the living room.
The tornado is made of air but it is strong as steel and so I wanted to represent it. Unleash pure and disruptive energy.
It has a sinuous shape.
If it contained light, this would be randomly projected outwards in all directions.

Cutlery Tempi Moderni – smooth

Collection of classic cutlery purified from all frills and decorated in a silent and decisive way.
The curve that separates from the actual cutlery is asymmetrical: it does not divide but unites.
cutlery suitable for the classic table and the modern table, suitable at home as in the garden.
A cutlery suitable for hotels and restaurants.

Fairy Tiles

2021,dedicated to Dante and his writing stimulated me to think about the letters of the alphabet.
Alphonse Mucha e l’Art Déco always inspire me for the composition of the decorations as well as Antoni Gaudí and his wonderful experience as an architect, engineer, designer and brilliant decorator.
The second tile is also a tribute to Italo Calvino and the city of Armilla among “The invisible cities”.
The contents are suggestions of flowers, tentacles, astrolabes, proto-animal forms and the ribbons of flowery portholes.

Roller Pen Sherazade

Inspiration: East
Sherazade told stories to stay alive.
Mystery, elegance, the scent of distant places.
Pearly antique pink body.
Applications of precious stones and 18 kt 3D gold.
Blue Sapphires and Rubies.
Dedicated engraving on the tip.

Parure “The Little Prince”

These jewels transform the beloved story of the Little Prince into gold.
The rose, the fox, the moon.
To take a dream with you.
The elements are in gold foil like the rest.