Garden design won me over at university. You don’t have to have a large outdoor space to make it unique. Even a green corner between the buildings can refresh a soul and be much loved. As many characters say, perhaps last but not least Serena Dandini in her “Nothing comes from diamonds: Stories of life and gardens”: you design a garden then it becomes something else. Much more beautiful than you thought. This is the magic of designing a garden.


1200 sqm garden. The redesign of the area in front of the 440 square meter house is requested. The garden area in front of the house, overlooking the street, is the owners’ business card. Green has the function of being seen by 70% and being participated by 30%. It is required to keep some essences.
We envisage flowerbeds with a climbing height that lean against the perimeter wall with the purpose of moving the wall itself, obtaining a perspective focus and creating a lawn that is easy to keep in order and to go through to move to the area behind the house without…


…going through the house.
The irrigation system is modified to meet the new needs. The insertion of lighting elements is also required.


360 sqm garden. in Loano (SV). Part of the garden is placed above the boxes and therefore requires low essences. The design of the entire garden is required on the basis of a list of plants provided by a nursery. Plants with low water demand are desired. The expected style is that of the Mediterranean garden. In the garden there is already part of the perimeter hedge in Pittosforo. Flower beds are inserted in support of the hedges.
In the garden there is also a central paved area surrounded by grates under which the boxes are located. Around these grates…


…low flowerbeds and stones are expected to recall the quiet of the Japanese garden. The property also wants citrus trees that will be placed in the area where the ground is deep and not above the boxes.


Private garden of 345 square meters in the province of Bergamo.
Project carried out for a nursery.
The design of the entire garden is required.
The garden is placed on sloping ground and has, in its center, a paved space at a lower level than the rest of the garden of about 50 cm.
This space will be the scene of dinners with friends.
The green space around the paved area also forms two tanks that will be used as aromatic herbs in one case and as a fountain surrounded by perennial herbaceous plants in the second…


…case. Also required: a grape pergola, a vegetable garden, the inclusion of fruit trees and roses.
The pergola leads from the paved area to the fruit trees.
While walking along the pergola you can also pick red fruits.
Protected by the enclosure wall, the roses alternate with pruned climbing pears.


Elle-shaped garden of 93 square meters. in the province of Bergamo. Project done for a gardener. The arrangement of the green and paved space is requested as well as the irrigation system project. A wooden cover is placed on the paved area to protect the dining table below. A short gneiss path is designed to reach the tool shed.
Since there is a grid of the boxes, this is disguised with a mixed hedge placed behind it and perimeter as well as a flowerbed in front of low plants.
The mixed perimeter hedge ends beyond the corner of the garden and a stone…


…seat is inserted in the corner to furnish a relaxation space. A little further on, in front of the two French windows of the room, two flower beds are drawn next to the fence between which an outdoor sculpture is proposed.


Private garden of 360 square meters. in the province of Bergamo.
Project done for a gardener.
The embellishment of the green part of the entrance staircase and the arrangement of the front part is required as well as the inclusion of the swimming pool on the side of the house.


Private garden of 150 square meters. in the province of Bergamo. The design of the park section of the property is requested. The garden is in the shade and humid almost all day, so the choice of plants is directed towards essences that bear these characteristics well. On two of the four sides the garden is bordered by the property wall and on the short side there is a blind door.
The distinctive feature of this garden is the mirror inserted in this blind opening that allows the garden to be reflected vertically and brings light to that side of the wall, also interrupting…


…the continuity of the wall. Two large gray resin vases welcome two rincospermo made to climb around the entrance to the garden.


Private terrace of 65 sqm. in Milan.
Project done for a gardener.
The green setting with vases and the study of lighting is required.


Small and beautiful private terrace of 39 sqm. in Milan.
Project done for a gardener.
Green layout with vases is required.
The main feature is the presence of ribbon seats on two sides of the terrace.
We therefore thought of alternating green with the seats.


Garden shared by two villas of 450 square meters. in Costa Volpino (BG).
Project carried out for a nursery.
The requests are: the maintenance of the lawn between the two villas for the children to play; the representative greenery at the entrance of one of the villas; the inclusion of greenery in the tanks.


Small green space in the RSA in the province of Bergamo. Project carried out for a nursery. A project proposal is requested which is delivered by photographic collages. On this lawn there are already tall trees that will be kept. The garden will be closed with respect to the buildings used for supplying the RSA to which guests cannot access. A gazebo is inserted on which Rincospermo plants climb and under which there will be a round table and chairs, both in wood.


Almost around the perimeter of the lawn, a paved path will be designed for the necessary walking of patients and, in particular, those suffering from Alzheimer’s. On an adjacent lawn, a vegetable garden is set up in raised basins, more comfortable than the traditional vegetable garden.


RSA terrace available to patients. Project carried out for a nursery. A project proposal is requested which is delivered by photographic collages. On the terrace there are horizontal or slightly sloping surfaces that can be covered. On the long green surfaces, wooden planters rich in perennial herbaceous plants and dwarf conifers will be placed to accompany the walk. Also on the curved side, wooden planters will find accommodation with perennials in a variety of low height.
In front of the high wall of the planters, the climbing Rincospermo will house to cover it and refine the area.


The gratings under the windows overlooking the terrace will be partially covered with vases of Hydrangeas: beautiful in summer and winter or with evergreen essences such as Camellia. A good quality fake lawn is placed on the surface of the skylight in order to improve its appearance and be in harmony with the rest of the project.


Corporate terraces in Milan. Project done for a gardener. A project proposal for two terraces is requested. The first is in a hospital management office. The second is a space for rest and refreshment for the staff. The first has a tub of earth surrounding it and two cylinders in the center. Here the green perimeter is a bit high and evergreen to hide the buildings facing it. Seasonal bowls have been placed on the cylinders. The terrace for the staff consists of three different areas: two pergolas to be furnished. The earthen tub runs around the whole large terrace…


Green must be restored. A third covered area adjacent to the entrance is to be used as a refreshment area for events. Palm trees and Mediterranean greenery are proposed to be implemented in the pools and climbing rincospermo on the gazebo. One of the two gazebos is equipped with a wooden table and chairs. The other is designed with a coffee table and armchairs for a moment of relaxation other than lunch.


Project done for a gardener. Green area in front of the Burger King commercial activity located in a shopping center.
The green is very fragmented and present both at the zero level and at the level of the underground parking lots -1.
Green with low maintenance and high resistance to pollutants and low temperatures is required.


Company garden of 3530 square meters in Cologno al Serio (BG). Project carried out for an architect. The design of the garden around the large and important swimming pool is requested. An imposing double staircase leads to the garden greeted by a wooden floor. The path then meets a bar, the children’s play area, a fountain for relaxation, a covered path that runs along the entire east side of the property and that comes out into the grove and then onto the swimming pool with still wooden floor and palm trees overlooking the ‘water. The path ends by passing through a greenhouse which is useful both for sheltering the most delicate essences and for walking in a winter garden.


Company garden of 3340 square meters. in Milan. Project carried out for a construction company. The design of the green space around the building is required. This building will contain residence, offices, a gymnasium and a kindergarten. Under the building and partly protruding, there will also be a swimming pool at times more or less deep. It was therefore decided to develop this project with the principles of Feng Shui. A route consists of stretches suspended over the water and resting on the ground. From the entrance it passes over the water and among the plants, immediately encountering a pergola path that leads out into a grove.


Now the children’s area begins with a fountain of water games and a bench among hydrangeas, cypresses and a trompe l’oeil on the wall. The Zen garden and the bar follow. Then the solarium with swimming pool, a second pergola path that leads to the relaxation area. Finally we return to the entrance.


Corporate garden of a Golf Resort in Sciacca (AG). A metaproject is required to be submitted for building permits. The property is vast and with varied uses: hotels, residences, access to the sea, respect for existing greenery and integration with Mediterranean greenery. The studies concerned the hotel entrance, the swimming pool area, the green roofs and the greenery surrounding the residences, the study of new paths, play areas for children and rest areas towards the sea.


Corporate garden of a Golf Resort in Cape Verde. Project carried out for an architect. The design of the related green and of service to the golf course is requested. In addition to the golf course there is a hotel and houses. The green, mainly with tall trees, has, among other functions, that of preventing the balls from reaching paths and homes.


This space is present in many cemeteries and is the place where it is allowed to scatter the ashes of loved ones if requested. Two sides of the space are adjacent to a wall and the remaining two face graveyard paths. We thought of a cozy place which is accessed from a small pergola. The narrow entrance passage already invites meditation … Despite being an open space, shrubs of about 1.5 m are arranged tall on the side facing the cemetery to maintain privacy. The important element is the double basin.


In the upper basin, part of the space is occupied by flower essences and part of the water that descends from pipes coming out of the wall. The lower tank is the place to pour the ashes. This is made up of pebbles that hold the ashes and allow them to descend into a controlled basin. A small grove welcomes family members in the shade and the seats placed in various points of the garden allow them to rest and relax